County Championship

One of the most popular traditional games in England is cricket. It appeared around the 16th century and by the 18th century was firmly included in the list of national games. For a long time only men played cricket, and the first women’s teams of players appeared only in 1745. The strongest team for 25 years was players from Hampshire who had the best ball kick technique.

Cricket was the first sport where the division into amateurs and professionals was officially fixed in the rules. Moreover, the preference of the first of these categories is expressed in them quite unambiguously. Captains of leading teams, for example, until recently could only be amateurs. And although nowadays it is no longer possible to observe this principle, the former gradation continues to be valid in small things. Changing rooms for lovers are traditionally equipped separately from professional changing rooms and differ from them in the same way as first-class ship cabins differ from second-class cabins. It is enough to take the program of any cricket match to see who of the players amateurs are and who are professionals: if the former have names and initials, then the latter is accepted to be listed only by surnames.

In addition to amateurs and professionals, in cricket there are also parallel terms: gentlemen and players. This second opposition helps to understand why the amateur attitude to the business has become identified with belonging to the chosen class. The status of a gentleman, as well as the ownership of the land, was the pinnacle of human ambition. It was believed that the owner of a country estate, if he tried his hand in some field, it was not for the sake of self-interest, but out of a sense of duty to society or for his own pleasure. Thus, we can conclude that cricket is not only a game, but also an integral part of a culture with a long history. Cricket is a complex concept, reflecting the characteristics of the national character and behavior. Joining cricket, the player joins the English culture.

County Championship

Sports traditions have been cultivated in Britain since ancient times. Many sports originated in this country, and it was here that many rules of sports competitions were formulated, which have now become generally recognized. Interestingly, within the framework of the Olympics, the cricket competition was held only once, and even then more than a hundred years ago. There is another curious fact – cricket is popular in many countries (Kenya, Australia, India), especially among wealthy businessmen. They even have a tradition to discuss their business issues while watching the game, cricket in this case acts as a kind of background for negotiations.

Among of the most famous cricketers there are William Gilbert Grace, Don Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar and others. Given the fact that the game is spreading around the world, new names will probably be heard soon. Sports traditions, in particular, the holding of the county championship, are welcomed at the state level. The responsibilities of local authorities include: the creation and maintenance of a well-maintained sports grounds, their provision with all necessary equipment. All this is provided to residents for free or for a small fee.

Although even the most interesting cricket matches within the framework of the grafts championship, relatively few spectators gather in the stands, but this is by no means an indicator of the attitude of the British to this sport. Just the game usually lasts 6-7 hours, and therefore many Englishmen prefer to watch it on TV or just listen to radio reports. For very busy fans there is a special phone number, calling which you can find out the account at the moment.

Features of Cricket County Championship

The match is held on a large oval field, but the main action is concentrated on a small platform in the center, which has the shape of a track about 20 meters long and 3 meters wide. Along the edges of this field are special gates, consisting of rails with crossbars. The cricket team on each side involved 11 people. The bowler is called “bowler”, and the batter is called “batsman” (from the word “bat”, bit). And the other participants who are on the field during the innings are called “fielders“.

Each turn is called “innings” and consists of the following actions: a bowler standing at one end of the court throws a ball to a batsman who is on the other side. Batsman must discourage him so that the ball will fly away from the opposing team, for example, at the end of the field. It is important not to allow the gate to break – the batsman protects it. If the serve is successfully repulsed, the batsman must have time to run to the other end of the court, until the players of the second team catch the ball. And the other batsman should change it just as quickly. If everything goes well, the team is awarded one point. The points in this game are naming runs (runs). When all ten batsmen are out of the game (for example, if the opponent has caught the ball or destroyed the gate), the teams switch places.

Matches are different in duration: from 3.5 hours to five days, 5 hours a day. The rules of the game seem simple at first glance, but in fact there are a lot of different situations and nuances in cricket and detailed instructions can take a whole book. Experienced players and “cricket fans” are well versed in the details of cricket and in conversations use special slang, which is not always clear to the English, who are not keen on this game. For example, bowlers are divided into two types depending on the style of the game: a spinner is one who twists the ball, and a fastbowler emphasizes the strength of the throw. When a team scores enough break-away points, it can make a declaration – a “declaration” and switch places with an opponent.

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Cricket, which appeared in the XVI century, systematically won new fans, and today the passion for cricket has swept the entire planet. Cricket is played not only by professional athletes, it is becoming popular in schools and universities, among men and women, and of course members of the royal family of Great Britain are keen on cricket. At the moment, there are more than a hundred cricket teams in the world, and thousands of people are watching the online broadcast of matches. However, nothing compares with a visit to a real cricket match at the stadium, especially if we are talking about a game with the participation of the national team of the country-ancestor of this sport. Hurry up to buy tickets for the England national cricket team online, and you may be lucky to see Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the game. If your plans change, and a ticket to cricket is already purchased, it does not matter. You can sell tickets to a sporting event all over the world quickly and without any hassle.

Cricket in England – the history of victories

England’s cricket team is one of the two oldest teams that played in the first test match in March 1887. The second team was the Australian team, which also became England’s rival in the first one-day international match (ODI) in the history of this exciting game. Since then, the English team has almost a thousand test matches, one third of which ended in victory for the British, while they were the owners of the main prize of test cricket – Ashes – more than thirty times. This is not surprising, because it is England that is the ancestor of this sport, and it is in Foggy Albion that cricket is a national game. England cricket team represents England and Wales in international matches. Until 1992, Scotland was also in this team, but then it was decided to organize its own team, which later became an associate member of the ICC, while the England team has full membership.

Despite the fact that England has never been able to get the Cricket World Cup, the English team more than once came close to the coveted trophy and took second place in the championship. Matches involving the England team attract thousands of fans to the stadiums, thanks in large part to their star cast. That is why buying tickets for cricket with the participation of the England team is in advance. So, Joe Ruth, the English national team batsman, ranks among the top five ICC rankings among the best batsmen in test matches, IDO matches and Twenty20 international matches.

Matches involving the England national cricket

Test matches lasting several days are quite tiring for fans, so the Twenty20 system was invented, in which the game lasts about three hours. Championships according to these rules have been held since 2003, and the England cricket team occupies the second line of the ICC rating in international matches of this system. During the existence of the international Twenty20 matches, the English team players managed to win the Twenty20 World Cup in 2010, and in 2016 they took second place in this competition. We recommend that you buy tickets for the England cricket team, all of a sudden you are lucky and you will witness the next triumph of the British.