ICC Champions Trophy

Cricket has become a symbol of England, just like fog or monarchy. The game that gentlemen from high society prefer to play has always been popular among the common people. But official cricket clubs have always consisted only of the most distinguished persons. That is why membership in the cricket club served as the hallmark of the aristocrat. To this day, the queue for membership in the best cricket clubs in the world can last more than one year. And ICC Champions Trophy has its own characteristics.

What is cricket in general?

Cricket is played on a grassy surface. The shape of the common field is not important usually the radius of the entire site is about 130 -150 meters. The main action of the game takes place on a site located in the middle of the field, the length of which is 22 yards or 20.12 meters, and its width is about 3 meters. There are gates at the both edges of the site – like gate – consisting of three rails lined up with two crossbars. The height of the gate is 67, 5 cm, and width – 20 cm. Cricket Champions Trophy as just another cricket game is played by two teams each of which has 11 players, of which 4-5 are bowlers and 5-6 betsmans. Another important participant is wicket-keeper.

To earn one point for their team, both players of the beating team must run to another gate and touch the ground behind the bat line or any part of the body. Sometimes a good kick on the ball allows the beating team to earn more points if players have time to run from the gate to the gate more than once, while the serving team players try to return the ball and break the gate. If the ball bounced (or rolled out) over the field, the striking team gets 4 points. If the ball thus flew out of the field, without touching the ground, then the beating team earns 6 points. Points may also be awarded in case of irregular or incorrectly executed innings.

Features of Cricket Champions Trophy

Cricket seems to be a fairly simple game, however, thanks to the preservation of centuries-old traditions, the game has a lot of subtleties and nuances, the description of which is occupied by a weighty volume called the “cricket book”. The most important “law” of cricket, which non-observance is punished especially seriously, is presented in the following extract from the code: “Since players are full of honor and must adhere to lofty traditions, the height of indecency is not to report a violation of the rules, even if the judge did not notice.”

Basic conditions of the game

All the subtleties and nuances of this sport provide for the rules established by the ICC. Cricket is a difficult, original, slow, long (matches can last up to 5-6 days) and not everyone’s favorite game. The intricacies of its difficult to describe, but the basic provisions can be. The cricket field must be oval-shaped and covered with grass. In its center there is an earthen pitch – a rectangular platform with a length of 20.12 m and a width of about 3 meters, at the ends of which there are gates (wooden pegs driven into the ground and representing an special form). All ball feeds are made at pitch, along its length. Crises – bands at the ends of the pitch – separate the playing areas.

Shorter cricket options are more entertaining. Betsmans play in a more attacking manner, try to score points as soon as possible and are not very afraid to be taken out of the game, while in five-day tests you can often see more defensive tactics. There is also a limit on the number of overlays for each player, so almost all players must throw the ball, not just bowlers. The teams dress in different colors and use the ball in white, while in the five-day tests both teams wear white and play with the red ball.

The 8 best cricket teams in the world will be reinsured in Kazakhstan against terrorism for the period of the world championship

The threat of terrorism is increasing worldwide. Terrorism as a phenomenon has always existed, but serious activity in the world increased in the late 1970s. Today, there are more than 3,000 terrorist and rebel organizations around the world. The victims of the terrorists were hundreds of thousands of innocent people. In terms of its scale, terrorism, in whatever form it manifests itself, has become one of the most dangerous in terms of its unpredictability and consequences. Its globalization keeps every inhabitant on the planet in fear. Very recent explosions in such protected European cities as Paris, Istanbul, Brussels, Nice, Munich have pushed even large and small companies that have already accustomed to insurance to insure themselves against terrorism and its consequences. More and more around the world, large crowded places are being insured, such as shopping centers, theaters, stadiums, and arenas; championships, competitions, concerts, which gather tens of thousands of people. Earlier, Eurasia IC participated in the reinsurance of the Indian Premier League and the Indian Cricket Governing Board.

Even Hyundai provided cars for the ICC Champions Trophy Cricket Championship

Hyundai Motor, the official partner of the International Cricket Council (ICC), provided 70 cars before the start of the prestigious ICC Champions Trophy cricket championship, which started on June 6 in Cardiff (Wales). Cars, among which are models i30, i40, Veloster and H-1, it is planned to provide teams, officials, VIP-guests and support staff. Tony Whitehorn, CEO of Hyundai Motor UK, said: “Hyundai Motor has been working with the International Cricket Council for a long time, and we are pleased to support this championship in England and Wales. The ICC Champions Trophy gives us a great opportunity to showcase our range of cricket fans.” According to Campbell Jamieson, director general of the International Cricket Council, the partnership with Hyundai is becoming stronger with every event. The International Council appreciates the support of the automaker and the willingness to provide cars to participants in the tournament.

The ICC Champions Trophy cricket championship lasted from June 6 to 23, during which the top eight teams competed for the prestigious title. The current champions – the team from India will fight with teams from England, South Africa, Western India, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand. Hyundai Motor announced the results of the tournament and matches on its LED screen in Piccadilly Circus from 5 to 23 June.

ICC Champions Trophy of our time

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