ICC Intercontinental Cup

Throughout history, man invented games, primarily as a means of social interaction, during which it demonstrated his physical superiority over others, as well as a means of entertainment. Sports games, in particular cricket, are the oldest human activities.

The question of when this game started is still controversial. Some historians say that the game originated in the thirteenth century, others in the fifteenth, and others in the eighteenth. Cricket is an original English game, a real “English passion”, in every city or village there is a place for playing cricket. The purpose of this article was to consider the game of cricket as a sociocultural phenomenon in the English-speaking consciousness. Cricket for the English is not just a game. This is a symbol. Everyone thinks that this game is the national form of summer leisure. Cricket is a noble game filled with a set of traditional rules. For the British, this game is considered the mother of not only sport, but also morality. In relation to cricket, they feel like scary owners. For a long time they did not even reveal the secret of the rules of this game. It is from cricket that the principles of sports ethics, which became for the English the basics of appropriate behavior, the measure of decency, lead their pedigree.

Riding indecency in cricket is considered to break the rule and hide it, even if the judge did not notice the violation. The honors given in Great Britain to leading athletes (few people know that for athletes there is a separate type of travel, which allows them to live in England) have practically no analogues in the world. Professional football players, boxers, cricketers are popular, unthinkable for a scientist or artist. However, the cult of sport is not so much possessed by the British, as it may seem when reading popular newspapers.

Great event – Cricket Intercontinental Cup

Cricket ICC Intercontinental Cup is a competition held between athletes or teams from different continents – most often, winners of continental competitions. In terms of significance and composition of participants, it is usually inferior to world championships. The Cricket ICC Intercontinental Cup usually includes 14 teams, allowing the associated and affiliated member states of the international community to participate.

Sponsors may refuse to cooperate with Cricket Federation

The largest sponsors of the Australian Cricket Federation (Cricket Australia) have notified the organization of a possible revision of the agreements. In particular, this was reported by representatives of Qantas Airways, Sanitarium and Lion. The reason was a major scandal involving attempts by the national team players during a competition in South Africa, reports Ewn.co.za. Steve Smith, the former captain of the national team, is the ambassador of the Sanitarium brand. Representatives of the company have already announced that they will make a decision after the publication of the final report of the Australian Cricket Federation. Federation sponsors do not want brands to be associated with fraud. In a press release from the Lion brewing company, it says: “Like the whole country, we are deeply worried and upset. Such behavior in sport is unacceptable.” In the past fiscal year, the Australian Cricket Federation received $ 261 million from sponsors and media companies that bought the rights to show the competition.

The Australian cricket team was at the center of the scandal after the athletes were convicted of fraud. During a test match (one of the three main game formats) in South Africa, an Australian player tried to manipulate the ball, which would affect its aerodynamic properties. During a TV report, an episode with a player hiding electrical tape was caught in a camera lens.

The former captain of the Australian cricket team burst into tears at a press conference

Former Australian cricket captain Steve Smith gave vent to emotions during a press conference on the fraud scandal during the match against South Africa. The athlete asked for forgiveness for trying to cheat and wept.

Cricket ICC Intercontinental Cup betting: from beginner to professional

Cricket is a little-known sport, but in terms of betting it is not inferior to baseball or handball. In India, in which it is the number one game, there are more than a billion people who bet on their favorite teams. In addition, the discipline is common in England, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Cricket betting options:

  • Victory – who will win the fight. A draw is possible in the game (by count or time), but bookmakers do not add this outcome to the painting. In case of a tie, the transaction is calculated by returning (with a coefficient of 1.0).
  • Winning the tournament – 12-20 teams participate in the competitions, which makes it easier to predict the champion.
  • Total – the number of wounds-outs.

Additional bets are the best bowler and batsman of the game, bets on individual players’ indicators, total wounds in the over, score after 6 overs and others.

Cricket betting features

Before betting on cricket, deal with the features, rules and terminology of the game. Play live, slowly thinking about the stakes, because the games are stretched from 3-4 hours to 5 days. Cricket sensations happen regularly. The odds for outsiders are understated, so apply a strategy for equal teams. Discipline is not popular in the United States and Japan, dominated by professional bettors. As a rule, betting is made by amateurs who do not consider betting as a way of making money, which leads to the load line.

Event Analysis

When matches are stretched to 5 days, the main role is played by endurance, not technique and tactics. Most of all, the result is influenced by the form of teams and individual athletes, so study the statistics of specific performers and the team as a whole. Also during this time, the weather changes which makes adjustments to the outcome. Competitions have different formats, which differ in rules and duration. When parsing, consider what type of matches the team plays.

The game of national teams is different at home and in guest meetings. It’s one thing when India goes to neighboring Pakistan, where there is a similar climate. And another, if she is to travel to South Africa, athletes will need time to adapt. Remember the team fatigue and disassemble the motivation of rivals and the weather forecast.