ICC World Cricket League

ICC World Cricket League is an international cricket tournament held under the auspices of the ICC. It is the most prestigious tournament for the men’s national teams in this sport. Almost all participating teams represent the UK and its former colonies. The finals of the World Championships are held every four years. The first world cricket championship was held in 1975 in England. The Australian team is the leader in the number of World Cricket Championship tournaments won becoming the world champion 5 times. Twice the world champions became the teams of the West Indies and India, once the champions were the teams of Pakistan and Sri Lanka. A similar tournament for women’s national teams has been held since 1973.

Special attitude to Champions League Cricket in different countries of the world

Separately, it is necessary to say about the Australian public. To make it clear: for this universe, “Sydney Cricket Ground” is like Camp Nou, Old Trafford, San Siro or Amsterdam Arena. This is the stadium where everyone dreams to go. Children imagine themselves in it, playing in the yard. Adults dream to go and see some incredible cricket. And cricket in Australia is almost always unbelievable. He has that overwhelming degree of popularity that many will never understand. Some people never understand why someone Don Bradman, whom we had never heard of, is for Australians like Michael Jordan, Roger Federer and Michael Schumacher put together. This is exactly what is called culture, heritage and tradition – an attitude that we do not have to any sport.

In Australia, the next cricket world championship is an event that was waited by millions of fans in this part of the planet. A match between those or other rivals is watched by more than 86 thousand spectators – the result, which in many other countries will not beat any event in principle. If you like sports in general, but do not know what cricket is, do not rush to decline the invitation to this wonderful game. Even if you have no clue about the process, just in case, check where they play because top cricket stadiums are truly incredible.

There are several of them in Australia. Melbourne “MCG”, Adelaide “Oval”, Brisbane “Gabb” – arenas known to the entire cricket world. The smallest of them is 42 000 spectators. The youngest is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year. “Sydney Cricket Ground” – from the same deck of iconic for the type of buildings. When you approach the main entrance, you feel how you are covered with delight of incomprehensible nature. Mind you understand that this is the oldest part of the stadium. But it looks like a mansion. Like half a castle as a fire station of the last century. These are two ancient “pavilions” – this is how the old aristocratic stands are called at cricket stadiums. Left pavilion is for club members. Not every mortal can enter there only by special passes. Still: after all those who are not playing are sitting there! That is the star. Right is the so-called female. On the “freestyle” – heating before the top tournaments, cricket can be seen from here.

What else is the beauty of the world championship, so that getting to the match is the simplest thing. You only need to register on the website of the World Cup and “buy” a ticket. Quotes it’s because you do not have to pay. The price is zero Australian dollars. But it is necessary to come with this zero printout. On which there is the barcode and everything as expected. At the entrance they meet the gray-haired masters of the turnstiles, who, apparently, have been working here for about a hundred and twenty years for three. At the entrance to the pavilions there is an alley of glory with great feeders and batters of the past with strange titles, which only the elect can understand.

World Cricket League fans: an incredible sight!

Many people come to marvel at the cricket teams from England and the West Indies. Always action is calculated on the whole stadium. That is about many thousands of places. Opponents are good quality teams. If you think that the British, as the founders of cricket, beat everybody in it, then you are seriously mistaken. They are still worse off with this than with football. After all, in the soccer they let time, but were world champions. And here from eleven draws – a complete zero; although there were many finals. In the first in 1979, their homeland Lords moved just the West Indies. In 1987, in Calcutta, in an incredible heat of a duel, the Australians overcame. In 1992, in Melbourne, the British lost to Pakistan – that’s all the ancestors. And the West Indies, by the way, even if not the ancestor, won a few draws. True, now swims a little.

To make it clear: the West Indies – a team that exists only in cricket. It includes players from Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and Barbuda and other Caribbean trivia. They do not have individual cricket teams at the World Cup level. As practice shows, these islanders can collect a very impressive composition. But at this World Cup, “West Indies” are not bringing anyone special. This solemn atmosphere, these carved handrails of the pavilions, this huge stadium – everything is fascinating. And you embrace the joyful joy of coexistence with the holiday. It spreads in the body somewhere up to the tenth over. After sixty innings, you already understand: hatching on pure moral and volitional efforts. Although around you with a smart look are guys who, without blinking, look at the action.

The charm and uniqueness of the world cricket championship

What is the charm of the world cricket champion? It is difficult to say for sure. Cricket is a long, almost meditative game. Many people getting to the match twist a finger to their temple. “How can it be watched? – they are surprised. “After all, nothing happens in the game!” Indeed: cricket is not a fast sport. This is not like in hockey, where you need only three half-times for 20 minutes to identify the winner. Test cricket matches can go five days in a row – eight hours a day. But this is exactly what many cricket fans like.

Cricket is a drama. This is a kind of theatrical performance with its plot twists, in which events develop unhurriedly and calmly. It is a drama that compels empathy; in which you can get used to the characters, as in the theater. And this is a slow drama. You sit in the stadium and wonder: in which direction will the story turn? The stadium reigns stunning atmosphere. And even the one who understands nothing in cricket cannot help being carried away. It was not just a sports match, not just a competition. This is a real public event!

Cricket is a very British sport. And it also attracts many. Of course, the family has a black sheep: in the fall of 2011, a court in Pakistan found three players of the national team guilty of illegal betting on the results of the matches. This, of course, will cast a shadow on the sport, which is considered to be clear of “contract” and corruption. But in general, the cricket image of the sport of gentlemen.