ICC World Cup

ICC World Cup and its features

The first mention of a women’s cricket match took place in an article in The Reading Mercury on July 26, 1745. The journalist reported a match between “eleven Brahl girls and eleven white-clad Hembledon girls”. The first female cricket club, White Hezar, was created in Yorkshire in 1887. In three years, the original English team Lady Cricketers has toured the cities of England. In 1958, an international men’s council was established to coordinate international women’s cricket affairs, which adopted the British Women’s Cricket Association, which had previously served as an international regulator. In 2005, the Women’s Council became a division of the International Cricket Council.

The first test match between the women’s teams took place in 1934 between the teams of Australia and England. The following year, New Zealand became the test team. Subsequently, the number of female test teams increased to ten. In 1973, the women’s world championship started according to the rules of the ODI. The six-time world champion among the women’s teams is the Australian team; three times the victory went to Englan, New Zealand won title. The Twenty20 format has been used since 2004. In 2009, the first ICC Women’s World Cup winner took place under the Twenty20 rules.

Barcelona, ​​cradle of the female cricket in Spain

Samaia B. never imagined that, three years after arriving in Catalonia with her family from Pakistan, she would play cricket again, her favorite sport. Even less, that would participate in the first female cricket league that is played in Spain. This Wednesday, and despite losing, this 14-year-old student left the Josep Comas Institute in Barcelona with a smile from ear to ear, after playing the last match of this tournament which began in mid-April. “Nothing happens. In life sometimes you win and sometimes you lose”, observed Hafsa, his sister, one of the nine players that a year ago formed the Trinitat Vella team, which on Wednesday faced the set of Consell de Cent, the neighborhood of Poble Sec.

Cricket, mass sports in Pakistan and India, came to Barcelona from the hand of the communities of these countries from the 80s. In 2012, the Center for African Studies and Interculturals (CEAI) promoted the first male cricket team in the neighborhood of Sants in the framework of the project Criquet Jove a BCN, a joint initiative with the FEEB (Fundació per a l’Esport i l’Educació de Barcelona), which seeks to promote this sport from an “anti-racist perspective”, says Xoan Vázquez, project coordinator of the CEAI.

Cricket, an English invention, was born at least 500 years ago. His style of play is reminiscent of baseball, in which the team that hits the ball must get as many races as possible. Minutes before the game, Nadim, one of the referees, reviews the rules with the girls. Along with other coaches, Rosario Hauad has adapted the rules to a cricket room, designed to play in school playgrounds. “Cricket is also a place of trust, in which we work on other topics such as self-esteem,” he says.

The team of Besòs i el Maresme (the first Spanish women’s team) completes the table of the four groups – formed by some 50 girls – most of them of Pakistani origin. Except for the latter, the rest have arisen in the last year and a half, in the heat of neighborhood entities such as Casal d’Infants del Raval, in coordination with CEAI and FEEB, which provides the technical means. It is a pilot test financed by the Barcelona City Council. His Commissioner of Immigration, Lola Lopez, believes that cricket “generates interest because we have the stereotype that Pakistani and Muslim women are at home.” For Amina Akram, coach of Trinitat Vella, “cricket could break this separation between our communities,” he observes.

A year ago, Manahil R. cricketed him. He did not understand his complex system of points he saw in televised matches with his father. Now, after a year playing at the Consell de Cent, he asks for more hours of training. To Dil A., she would like the girls ‘team to be as popular as the boys’ team. “That he reaches the level of soccer”, says his friend Iram M., between laughter.

Who can use women’ cricket bets?

We conclude the consideration of cricket interesting fact about the duration of the cricket season. A pleasant fact for fans of bets – cricket does not stop for a year and you always have the opportunity to bet. This is a positive difference from many popular seasonal sports disciplines. Therefore, you can switch to cricket as long as your main seasonal sports are still “matured”. Although in general, many are lacking in just cricket, since you can sort it out in detail and bet throughout the year. By the way, in this sport you can have a regular advantage over bookmakers.

On cricket puts a lot of non-professional players and often there are “excesses” in the painting. In addition, there are not so many cricket experts. Therefore, if you are carried away by this sport, then sometimes you can do the analysis better than the bookmaker.