International cricket

There are many cases in history when colonialists mastering new lands introduced their own flavor to the local culture. Often new traditions, customs and laws appeared. Do not become an exception and sports that spread like viruses. In some cases, there is a full-scale dispersion – take, for example, the same football, which is played today even in the most remote corners of the planet. And in some cases, the distribution is point-like, and clearly reflects the limits of the cultural influence of the monopoly on its colonies. An extremely illustrative example in this sense is cricket – an internationally recognized sport, which is played professionally in the territory of the former British Empire only. The first reports of the existence of cricket date from the 13th century. The county of Kent is considered the birthplace of the entertainment of peasants, but the game quickly spread to the surrounding territories. However, England cricket flourished in the 18th century.

Cricket news: the game returned to Pakistan

Pakistan cricket matches will be held again. For the first time in eight years, the best teams in the country will play at home. Tickets for the upcoming final of the Super League, which will be held on Sunday, will not be available, but fans will still storm the box office. In 2009, a Sri Lankan national cricket bus was attacked by terrorists. After this tragedy, it was decided to hold all the matches of the country’s championship in the United Arab Emirates. Now athletes are returning home. “By returning the Super League to our homeland, we want to show our enemies that we are not afraid and despise them. Only in this way can we defeat terror”, said the Minister of Justice of the Punjab Province, Rana Sannaul.

A state of emergency has been declared in the capital of the province of Lahore. The police and the military serve around the stadium around the clock. However, despite the terrorist threat, the fans will still fill the stands. “People will come anyway. We are tired of watching games on TV and want to remember how to get sick in the stands”, says fan Mohammad Reza. For Pakistani cricket, compare religion. It is the most popular sport in the country. The national team is one of the strongest in the world and the local teams are not lost in the international arena. Therefore, in order to see their favorite game live for the first time in eight years, fans are ready for anything. “I came from far away, but I still could not get a ticket. I will wait, maybe before the match I can manage to get it”, says fan Muhtiar Ali. Those lucky are already buying up the assortment of the souvenir shop. Club scarves and a game form fly away. Now shop owners can breathe a sigh of relief: cricket came back home.

India cricket

The game of cricket was brought to India during the years of its conquest by the British colonialists. Soon, the English national sport became extremely popular in this country and each game attracted the attention of many fans. Cricket is the number one sport in India. When it comes to cricket there are emotions that literally going wild. On Sundays, almost every free patch, there are cricket battles. Cricket is a team game in which two teams of 11 people confront each other. Usually, a cricket game lasts for one or five days.

For many guys, cricket is not only a hobby: this game can lead them to fame and fortune. If a young man is taken to the cricket team of India – great opportunities open up for him. A player can become a rich person – buy a house, a car and everything that you can wish for. The main character of cricket is a bowler. The task of the bowler? – Serve the ball with great speed and accuracy. But, he also has a goal – a wicket – three columns with crossbars, protected by a batsman.

The art of the server is to give the ball a spin and, of course, a tremendous speed that can reach 100 kilometers per hour. Good bowlers have an outstanding ability to focus. They instinctively feel when to release the ball or change the feed speed. An interesting fact is that when players arrive at a match, they touch the trainer’s foot with their hands. So they show him their respect. It is worth noting that the national team of India in cricket in 1983 won the Cricket World Cup, and in 1985 was a finalist for this competition. Also, in 1985, the Indian national team won the cricket world championship.

One of the most important events in the history of Indian cricket was a tour of the country Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in 1926. The team traveled to cities and villages in India, sweeping away everything in their path until they arrived in Bombay. Before the match, the question was as follows: are Indian athletes, in principle, able to compete on equal terms with strong English clubs? 153 points Ch.K. Najudy positively answered this question. This was a signal for the Indians to legitimately start knocking on the doors of world cricket. The event played a huge role in the development of the national identity of Indians.

Cricket is the number one game in Afghanistan

Only six years ago, Afghanistan, in which sports programs were still trying to overcome the consequences of the war, was in the modest fifth division of the World Cricket League. Since then, progress has been steadily observed in the national team, and now Afghanistan will take part in the 2015 World Cricket Cup in Australia and New Zealand, writes Sayer Zaland, “Central Asia Online” in the article “Afghanistan quickly conquered the world of cricket.”

The team has not yet reached the privileged top level of the International Cricket Council (ICC), but has already declared itself in the international arena, having defeated serious rivals in various tournaments. She played matches with Pakistan, Bangladesh and the West Indies (all three among the 10 full members of the ICC) as well as with some of the other 36 teams that, like Afghanistan, have an associated ICC status.

Steps to enter the international arena

The first step in the formation of the Afghan Cricket Federation, which is the predecessor of the Afghan Cricket Council (ASC), was made by Afghan émigrés living in Pakistan in 2001. The ICC recognized the federation as an affiliate member, and in 2001 the team went on their first tour to Pakistan. She took part in two Pakistani tournaments in 2003, where she won her first victory. In just three years, she was ranked third in the Asian Cricket Board Trophy.