Women’s Cricket

For generations, sport has played a crucial role in the lives of the British. It is one of the few non-discriminatory forms of mass entertainment. Any Briton, from a simple worker to a lord, has his own opinion, for example, about Chelsea’s chances of winning the championship title this year. For British men, sport is a win-win topic to start a conversation, and sporting success, from the rare victories of the UK cricket teams for the Ashes Cup to Ashes to the successful performance of Andy Murray at Wimbledon, is pushing out “real” news from the front pages. . Undoubtedly, the passion for sport feeds the fact that many kinds of international sports (football, rugby, rowing, baseball, tennis, etc.) originated on British soil, although now they are better developed in other countries of the world than in Britain. As a sign of loyalty, loyalty to the club for which they are ill, the British put on the clothes of the colors of “their” team. For English, Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh fans, this is also a way to demonstrate their national pride, their national identity and to recall the differences that once led to bloodshed. Any calls to unite four teams into one, the British – as in all other Olympic sports – are met with fierce protest.

About half of British people regularly do sports in different forms. Some play tennis; others fly a hang-glider, some fencing, the fourth run, etc. But the other half gives cause for concern, as the number of obese people grows, especially among children. The constituent components of the average British lifestyle – a sofa, alcohol and poor-quality food – cause a lot of health problems that the State Health Service is moaning about. In this regard, issues of sports, which the government has chosen to ignore for a very long time, are increasingly becoming the object of attention of politicians. And a separate place belongs to cricket. Feminine cricket is not inferior to the male and attracts huge masses of fans.

What is Women’s Cricket World Cup and its features?

Cricket. Incomprehensible to many, including the British themselves, cricket is a difficult sport. It is played in a short period – in the summer, and often in the rain. Top-level British cricket is represented by eighteen county teams (17 English and one Welsh), which are divided into two divisions. Cricket in Britain has its loyal fans, but in matches between county teams there are usually few people. Five-day matches are more popular in the so-called test cricket, which the English team plays almost all summer against the teams of the former British colonies, including Australia, India and the West Indies. One-day matches and a relatively recent version of the Twenty20 cricket (in such matches, each team performs a series of twenty shots) popularized the sport even more.

Cricket is a team game, 2 teams of 11 people each oppose each other. Usually the game can take from one to several days. There are one-day and five-day international cricket matches. A one-day match comes in two versions: time-limited cricket, where a certain number of hours is allotted, and each player on the team makes two hits. In the second variant it is limited how many times the commands change. That is, one team plays first, then the other, and, moreover, each team makes a predetermined number of shots.

International match: matches of the highest class – the most prestigious games, are held on a professional level. The most important are international, as in any other sports. In addition, professional games can be played between the teams of India. Such games usually play five days in a row, six hours a day. The game during the day is divided into three parts for two hours each and between the first and the second overturn in 40 minutes, and between the second and the third – in 20 minutes. There is also a short break for drinks, usually once an hour. But if the weather is very hot, then such breaks are made more often.

Each team can beat twice, alternately with opponents. Each throw queue ends when any 10 players in the team are out of the game (out), or when the captain of the team that is hitting now announces that their number of hits has ended. The team with the most points wins. If the number of points is equal, then a draw is declared, but this result is extremely rare.

Women’s Cricket World Cup: equipment

  • The ball is heavy, made of cork wood, rolled up with twine, and from above it is covered with white leather.
  • Bat – carved from flexible wood (willow), flat on one side and humpback – on the other for rigidity. With a handle.
  • Gates – you need a pair of collars, consisting of three columns connected from above.
  • Bars – three wooden pillars. They have a tip at the end to hammer into the ground. The distance between them is such that the ball could not slip.
    Pledge – two wooden beams that connect the columns in the collar.

There are several ways to get a player off the field:

  • Capture, incorrectly filed ball;
  • Leg in front of the collars;
  • Blow into collar;
  • Holding the ball;
  • Going beyond the edge of the field;
  • Double hit the ball;
  • Time is up.

The most frequent – the first five options, the last five happen rarely, and the last three – almost never. The game is judged by two judges, and their decision is final.

For their team of girls playing cricket, everyone comes to cheer. Avid fans will definitely come to the matches with some element relating to their favorite team. The most active fans choose some extravagant clothes. So do only respectable fans which do not belong to the movement of football hooligans. Representatives of the underground subculture also try to dress discreetly and rarely use football symbols in order not to attract attention.